Monday, February 24, 2014

Great Week with Investigators

Well this week was a travel full week.
 Oh to start off the week our phone stopped working so we couldnt contact anyone for 3 days and we still cant recieve texts or send them which is our main way of communication so....its rough.
We picked up a new investigator that followed Elder Roskelley from his last area and he wants to meet with us because he likes us more and apparently I speak really good Korean(I dont) It actually went pretty well, he wants to take us out to REALLY expensive food.
Our other investigator we met with and he has marked up his Book of Mormon SO much! WE asked him if he kept his commitment and he showed us all of the markings and we were taken aback!! it was amazing!....but he didnt pray. He says he needs time and that praying is easy when his pastor does it for him, but hard when he has to do it! He is a great guy that is now a progressing Investigator!
We got a new member to our branch. He, his wife and his little son moved in on Wednesday so we helped them move all of their stuff to their new apartment. There little kid is SO cute! They both served missions in the U.S and a both really excited about missionary work! He even told us he would go door knocking with us! Im super pumped because their family is exactly what our branch needs right now, they will help us get our branch more excited and willing to do missionary work!
Then we got to have Interviews with President. A few people went over so we talked with Sister Christensen for a while and she told us alot of Mission secrets like this combined mission conference. My interview with President was really good. We just talked about how I was doing and how we could help Wonju more. President is the best, but you have to be careful what you say because he goes off on tangents. like i mentioned one thing about our phone and it was a 5 minute rant about the company. I LOVE PRESIDENT SO MUCH!!!
Then we traveled to Gangneug for our District conference. The mission Presidency, District presidency and a korean area seventy were all there. We heard lots of really good talks and had lots of fun with our members and other missionaries.
This week was a really great week there were lots of things that kept us busy! Im excited for this next week! LOVE YA!!!!!!
Love Elder Miles Diede

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