Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26th Normal Week

Well not much to talk about this week....just missionary work
It was a Korean Sister's, who is in our district, birthday on Pday so we ate at a really good resturaunt and played Ping pong for her birthday. then missionary work
Then Elder Batschi and I made an appointment with a less active who has not come to church in 10 years and he and his wife took us out to lunch. They were super nice people, nevertheless they did not come to church. He is a farmer so it is really hard for him to stop working on Sundays and come. Were going to try and help him out at his farm on Saturdays.
We also visited a less active with the sisters. She and her son and daughter were there. They were all very good at English and the missionaries who taught them the gospel also taught them how to play uno. Which is awesome because I havent played Uno in ages. They didnt come to church either but we are going back to visit them soon.
On Saturday it rained so hard. My socks were soaking wet, because I have holes in my shoes it makes it even worse.....but the rain is fun! We also had English Class on Saturday and a couple of awesome people showed up. We had a fun time teaching English.
 other than that just a normal week in Korea. This week was a little rough for us because all we did was prosolyte and when you are doing that for 5 hour blocks it gets a little tiring and stressful. Also I have been having Sleeping problems latley where I cant fall asleep and wake up way too often. I am getting drugs from my Zone Leaders soon, so that should go away.
Also this next week we have a mission conference because of a Korean Hoilday and Transfer Calls so there will probobly be some changes in our house. I will let you know!
Love ya!!!!!!! Go Peyton.
Elder Miles Diede

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