Monday, February 10, 2014

New Companion Elder Roskelley

Thats right I am a ping pong champ and a master of Chopsticks!
There isnt really huge spiritual experience that come all the time, it is just by Conference and Training meetings and studying everyday and learning that I get spiritual experiences and learn and grow more. So sorry not really a cool spiritual experience.
Well as you know this was my last week with Elder Batschi so until Wednesday we kinda did what he wanted to do. We visted a member and had FHE with them and ate really good Pig Backbone Soup. We loved to play around with the kids. Korean kids are the cutest. Then we did lots of contacting and our Branch President took us to send Elder Batschi and Murdocks bags to their next area. He was funny and still didnt know Elder Batschi's name after 2 transfers. Its kinda hard in Korean.
Oh I had a bit of a rough night on Tuesday night. I didnt fall asleep until 12 but then woke up around 2 struggling with stomach pains then i got up after a while and threw up. Then i wasnt feeling to much better so I just grabbed my blanket and slept in the bathroom, sleeping for 20 minutes every now and then and throwing up a few more times. Eventually my stomach was empty and I was dry heaving for a long time. It was rough, but Im okay now.
We went to Seoul Wednesday morning so I was still kinda sick, the bus ride was pretty rough. We slept over at President Christensen's house on Wednesday night and we got there and they gave us Hot Chocolate and Oreos and we laughed and talked together then he had a few missionaries share what they had learned from personal study and he gave us a small 5 minute talk and then we went to bed.
Then I picked up Elder Roskelley. He is from Westpoint, UT. Right by Ogden. ( speaking of that have you ever heard of Farr's Ice Cream?) HE likes to sing and is amazing at it. He is really awesome to talk to< I love him already and he has the coolest glasses.
Oh ya I forgot to tell you I was printing out pictures and the guy wiped my memory card so he recovered them all but something is messed up so i cant send you the pictures I took Yesterday. sorry next week;(
Elder Edwards picked up a greenie named Elder Hansen. He is not a very social kid, he is pretty shy and doesnt talk, but he is SO smart. He knows so many vocab words, knows all of the scripture masteries and can recite them! I think the only problem I will have with him is he is constatly studying, which is good, but there is kind of a time and a place. Like he studies in between serves of Ping pong. but i like him alot.
We met with one of our investigators and good news he really wants to come to church, but bad news his parents dont like it. They want him to come to another church. So we taught him about prayer and recieving guidence so hopefully we will see lots of progress soon!
This Sunday was the happiest and closest I have ever been with the ward members. They Loved us this Sunday!! Im really excited for this next transfer, It could be my last in Wonju, it would be sad if it was I love Wonju.
But this week was really fun, alot of changes happened and alot more responsibility now. But I LOVE IT!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

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