Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ripped my pants!

Well a pretty alright week I have a bunch of pictures I can sent you. To start out this week we played ping pong, which has gotten extremly more intense since i have been in Korea. So we were playing a game I got a good hit and I ripped my pants....... pretty bad too. So i went home and changed. That was pretty fun.
other than that we just did typical missionary work here in the subzero environment of Wonju, where I am literally freezing my face off.
Elder Batschi and I have become even better friends this week as you can see by the fort we made together during some down time. We memorized all the Articles of Faith and are now working on Scripture Masteries. Fun stuff.
I passed off again, now my chances of becoming DL are now highly increased. I just have to do 2 more and then I am finished with passoff.
There is really nothing else, but pictures. Love ya!!! Be safe in the Grand Canyon and go Power Ranger it up. I llove all the Pictures Shayna sents me its the best!!!!
Love ya!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

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