Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Week of NOTHING

Well nothing.......nothing but missionary work that is!!!
We had Zone Conference this week. That is where President ans the APs came out to Gangwondo and gave talks and trainings. We Talked abot our mission values Obedient Hardworking and Testifying. It was a really good meeting. After words Elder Batschi and I stayed after a while to do passoff. I finished the Final Zone leader passoff, only one more to go. Hopefully in 2 weeks!! We got home a little late around 930 because of the long bus rides and stuff but we had a really fun time!
The next day I went on exchanges with a new Elder. He is kind of a punk he is a straight outta high school thinks he knows everything kid. He is an extremly rude kid that has some messed up opinions. but the exchange went pretty well. He doesnt proseylte, just follows so I did a full day of work by myself. When we were knocking on doors we met a preacher.
 He started bashing on the church and how Joseph Smith wasn't a prophet. He actually knew suprisily alot about our church. He said the Bible is the Only word of God and shared the Revalations scripture every preacher shares with us. Then I asked him if he had ever read the Book of Mormon. He said he hadnt, so i got to testify of the truthfulness of the book. We shared Moroni 10 and gave him a Book. Then all of the next apartments we knocked on were all extremly good contacts. We found a new less active and got a couple phone numbers!!! It was amazing to see.
Then Yesterday in Church I had to give a 10 minute talk on Member missionary work. 10 minutes is usually pretty easy, alas not in Korean. It went pretty well I mostly just read scriptures and testified a whole bunch, but the members seemed to like my talk alot.
Our lesson with our investigator was cancelled this week, but he did send us an awesome text thanking us about prayer. He hasnt anwsered us since.
Life Keeps on Keepin on here in Wonju. Im trying not to freeze, but from what grandma told me Montana is pretty bad too -33 dang thats cold!!
Well Love Ya!!!!!
Hope you have a good week!!!!!
tell Hayden one thing.......If the Seahawks paly the Broncos they will be shredded by Peyton. If they play the Pats, Brady to Collie all day long!!!
Love Ya!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

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