Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ping Pong


 Dear Family, 

I have played TONS of Ping Pong. We are actually playing again today. My companion is teaching me how to cook some Korean food and our mission is putting together a cookbook, so we can have stuff later. It is a great idea.
This week has been kina rough at first. It is difficult to adjust to all of these new things that come with a new area, whole different way of doing missionary work and being with a companion who has a different culture and is a perfectionist. We do a whole different style of prosylyiting, I like it but it is different from what I am used to and need some adjustment time I am not getting. It is hard to help in lessons with a Korean because obviously they can speak perfectly so why would they put the lesson on someone who cant speak very well. We had a little disagreement about the way we both prosylyte. He was picking at the little parts of my korean and I was expressing my ideas about how he can not justput the gospel in peoples faces, just to talk to them about it. Long story short we talked about it and everything is all good we realized where each other was coming from it was actually a great experience.
Speaking of great experiences. An Elder in my house got a colonoscopy this week! Super funny! It was great to make jokes with him about it and we all laughed as he suffered to drink the colon cleansing stuff. He was so funny the entire time. His name is Elder Rhodes i love him. (by the way it is a secret so if you ever meet his family dont say anything) We had to make a strategic way home so he could go to the bathroom every 10 minutes. It was hillarious. Finally at our last stop before we got home. He went into the bathroom and immedietly came back out. It was a squater, and he couldnt go on it. That was probobly one of the most hillarious points in my mission so far. I also went on an amazing exchange with him. He called me the Magic Prosylyter, because that day we set 2 return appointments and got a few numbers. And I never thought id say this but the 2 return appointments were both taller than me. One guys hand when I shaked his hand ENGULFED my hand. It was Huge. Then We taught an amazing lesson to a new investigator The spirit was so strong. He accepted a soft baptismal commitment.
Enough about him. This week I had alot of spiritual stuff. We had Zone Training Meeting, I had an Interview with President, and on top of that General Conference!!! My favorite talks were Edward Dube saturday morning, Elder Uchtdorf in priesthood and Elder Ballard I think Saturday Afternoon. Then the whole Sunday Morning Session was Amazing!!!!! I encourage you to do what Elder Ballard talked about Hasten the Work. If everyone in the family finds one more person from now to Christmas that is 7 more converts! It is hard in Utah but from what I hear you are already striving to do missionary work in the ward. 
These two pictures are at a Service Opportunity we had at a garage sale thing and Elder Kim scream on the floor after a guy called and said he wanted to meet with us.
Love Ya 
Elder Miles Diede

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