Sunday, October 27, 2013


Well one word to describe this week. Rough. My companion is very self absorbed, loves to think that I can read minds and when I dont do something as perfectly as he wants it then he sulks for a long time then calls me to repentence.  He loves to do this thing which I like to call " I more spiritual than you time" Honestly I have no clue what is going on half the time. The past two days we have not left the apartment for anything but church and he said maybe 5 words to me. Then As I was trying to plan with him, I ended up doing everything then getting down on my knees to end the day. I waited for 2 minutes and he didnt get down yet. Then after another minutes he started reading off scriptures to me. After the fourth one I left. He is honestly the hardest person in the world to figure out. He has a reputation in our mission for being full of energy but thats because those people havent seen the real him. I want our companionship to work, but the only things he will do is talk to members and sit and read.
When I talked to Elder Rhodes our district leader in a private meeting I cried for the second time on my mission. He told me that there was a reason I was companions with him and in this area. God knew that I could overcome these trials and be able to be successful because of it. I also talked to our zone leader Elder Luker, who was companions with him before. He said we will go on an exchange soon so we can talk about it. I also talk to Elder Schofield alot who was an elder in my group to korea to get some sanity.
My letter is really short today because I have done almost nothing this week. But I do know that God has put me in this specific place for a reason. From all of the companionship problems I already know how to better function with normal companions. I know it will be hard to work with him over the next couple of weeks and probobly next transfer but I can do it. It may not be the way my companion likes it but I will get missionary work done. I will not sit in the house for 5 weeks. Now is the time that I need to step up and take control. He is going home soon but I will not let him ruin my mission!
Love ya!  sorry for such a sort of depressing letter. but not much to say. On the bright side I saw a resturaunt with a live shark in it. hopefully i get a picture soon. Thanks for the mail, I hope I get it soon I could use a pick meup.  Also good news the combined mission conference we are having has a general Authority speaker so we will see who it is....
LOVE YA!!!!!
Elder Diede

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