Sunday, October 27, 2013

Better Week

This week was good. I have been trying to figure out alot of stuff this week and what I can do to personally change it.I went on 2 exchanges this week. I went on an exchange with one of the other elders in my house his name is Elder Schofield. He came to Korea with me, we talked alot about what I could do and how I could make it better. I also went on an exchange with my zone leader his name is Elder Luker. He was Elder Kims past companion and he knows exactly what I am going through. He pulled out all of his old planners and we talked about what he did to deal with it because he has been the same way his entire mission. It was a very fun exchange. He is in a threesome so I was also with a greenie. When we were talking to people on the street I went with him for a little bit. Seeing him struggle and say funny stuff that he didnt know he was saying reminded me of my time for that. I was amazed with my self about how much I have learned already. Not just korean, but teaching and people skills too. It gave me a little confidence that I could be put with a greenie, even though i REALLY DONT want to.(knock on wood) When I was on the exchange we taught a man from Pakistan who was one of the nicest guys i have ever met, with the sweetest beard but he was very blunt and inturupted and not open to us. We talked alot about prophets, he believed that there needed to be 24000 prophets and jesus was only a prophet and was number 15999 or something like that. He was SUPER nice, but not open.
Not much else other than exchanges has happened this week. My camera wont hook up so I cant send you pictures right now, except this one Elder Schofield sent me. It is right outside a resturaunt these kind of tanks are everywhere. But we have not fought a ton this week and we have been doing ok missionary work.
We did something called streetboarding yesterday. We just set up Easels with posters on them and talk to people thats just about it. One fight we had this week was about the way to talk to people. I absolutley HATE just waiting for people to cross the street and start following them, or running up to them when they see you running! I think it gives a really bad impression. I think as representitives of Christ, we need to be different than other salesmen who just bother people we can just be robots with the same things pouring out of our mouths. Like Elder Holland said these people are not a stat they are sons and daughters of God. So that is one thing I will not agree with him on and will not do again. I did it just for him yesterday, but it wont happen again it is not effective people yell at you or just ignore you. My goal for my mission is to find an approach that will "baptize people on the streets"(obviously not really:). but that is one thing I wont apply. I wont follow people around for 5 minutes when they tell me to go away. I think our church is different that way and thats why it works.
but life is good....LOVE YA!
Elder Miles Diede   
SharkK Tank  in store windows.

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