Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gate 0n PDAY

Elder Rhodes
Boom. Mapleton Swag. (MMH beat SHS)
I watched the video. That is a sick play! That coach is a genius. I havent gotten it yet i will tomorrow. our office says send one asap ,I think by thanksgiving is fine. 
Happy Birthday Gavin.  
So about stats normal people usually count cards given to people, for contacts. We almost never go door to door, you only do if you are in the boonies. WE count Books of Mormons given out so we get 4 contacts a week usually, the mission standard is 140. We just teach street lessons and get return appointments and stuff. fun stuff. We pretty much try and talk to everyone on the street. Good.
This week nothing new. Except I read a talk called the 4th  Missionary look it up. its amamazing. This talk has already changed my mission. I thought about it the other day and I wondered if I am just going through the motions or am I being the best missionary I can be. I kinda revamped everything I have been doing and i am seeing what happens. My relationships are better, the work is smoother and Korean, still super hard, but coming easier. I finally realized that I cant let anything or anybody make me mad unless I let it make me mad. Im already a way calmer person and get stressed alot more. 
It is starting to get really cold here, so cold. humidity and cold shouldnt mix. 
This week we didnt do much but visit members and do random tasks Elder Kim wanted to do. Also we had a ''Halloween Party'' We did a haunted house that absolutley failed but it was a good idea. We had lots of fun and I think the ward did too. We taught a couple of normal lessons that were ok.
We get to go play a mission soccer game today and go to the temple tomorrow super excited!
I have nothing else to report.
 Elder Miles Diede

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