Sunday, January 11, 2015

Elder Miles the Younger

It was a fun week for us out here. We had some let downs and lots of little happy moments that made it a pretty interesting week this week. 

One letdown this week was our investigator who was in the hospital has not had any contact with us. He is in a hospital where they will not let anyone but family visit and his phone is turned off. So we honestly have no idea how he is doing. We just have to wait until he comes out of the hospital.So we will just have to wait on that one...

On the bright side we had one of our investigators come to his appointment with his two friends. When we first looked at the situation Elder Bodan and i were both kinda bummed because usually multiple people in one lesson is hard and it doesn't end up being a lesson, but it turned out to be one of the best lessons we have had together. They all went to the Catholic church to go and study the scriptures and learn about God, but they said they didn't like it because the people there just wanted to hang out and play around. They said right in front of us that they don't think that it is true.  We shared the first lesson with them and then answered a lot of their questions. They seemed to like our church a lot, so they will  be great investigators.

My study today was a lot in Mosiah.  I read and ponder alot about the conversion story of Alma the Younger.  thinking about that brought me back a little bit to repentance. I found some cool stuff on it. I have also been studying the Christlike Attributes more and focusing on applying them to my life. My attribute this week was humility and I saw some blessings come from striving to be more and more humble this week.

My miracle this week was that an investigator that we have been trying to meet with since I got here came to church on Sunday. He slipped in late and left right after so we didn't have a huge amount of time to talk to him, but it was good to finally meet with him. We should be meeting with him this week. I hope we do!

I got a calling in our ward this week.......I am the new ward was pretty awful this last sunday...but i will be practicing really hard this week. good news is it gave me more of a desire to play piano and practice again!

Love you lots!!!

Elder Miles Diede the Younger

pic. walking on a frozen river

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