Sunday, October 5, 2014

Miracle with Hayden


Well honestly this last week has been a blast.  We have had lots of fun experiences this week. My week started off by going on an exchange with the Zone Leaders I was supposed to go with Elder 구, but right before going to the subway station to trade off with us the Zone leaders changed their mind they felt that Elder 구 needed to come to 금촌 with Elder Keil. We saw lots of miracles from that change which i will talk about more.
We picked up a new investigator this week off of our call sheets and we met with him twice this week. He has a little bit of a speech impediment so he is a little hard to understand sometimes, but as we get used to how he speaks it will get better.  We taught him the entire restoration in the two meetings and he accepted it well. He even asked a couple good questions about prayer and prayed at the end of our lesson, and did a great job too. We will be meeting him more this next week.
Ok miracle from Elder 구. While he was here He and Elder Keil met with our 16 year old investigator. They had a really good talk and talked about the Plan of Salvation and also gave them a baptisimal date, for the 25th of October. Then the next Sunday he came to church. He had a really good time, and listened really well. Elder Keil kind of took care of him because I was translating for all of the foriegners of our ward. All of the members especially the Young men welcomed him really nicely. Really really cool miracle. We have an appointment for him this wednesday.
This week one of my favorite studies that i did was reading the story of Joshua and the city of Jericho. I was really thinking about Joshua's people. They really had to put away their doubts and just follow Jopshua and the Ark of the Covenant around the city 7 times and then have enough faith to yell at the walls of the city. Because they did follow well the high walls of the city "fell down flat" It helped me realize that I need to put away all of my doubts, as I do so I can conquer the walls keeping me out. Cool story.
My miracle this week was seeing how happy Elder Keil was to see the visible progress of missionary work. When I came back from my exchange with the zone leaders, Elder Keil gave me a hug and was so happy that we had a baptisimaal date, and was even happier when he came to church and sat in the chair next to him. Really made me happy to see him even more happy.
I also went on a really fun exchange with Elder Lanford, we played a word game where you had to use a certain word in your prosylyting. Such as my word was whale. and I told the man i was talking to that i have seen his church and it is as big as a whale. SUPER FUN!!!
As I have been doing this sports fast, it has helped me feel the love of Christ more and has kept me more focused, I will continue to stay focused and semi fast from it. It has brought alot of blessings in my life.
Love you!!!!!
Funny story this week i was playing with the stapler and i stapled my fin


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