Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another Great Week of Missionary Work

This week has been a pretty great week. We had alot of chances to serve and help people this week.
We got to meet with our investigator with the baptisimal date this week, and kept contact with him every single day. We taught him about the Gospel of Christ and he seemed to accept it really well. He asked a couple of good questions and we had a really good discussion with him. He also 전도ed with Elder Whitehead a little bit because he met him on the street. He is doing well. His date still stands for the 25th but Elder Keil and I both want to make sure that he is getting baptized for the right reasons and not just because he likes us. He did not come to church this week, he decided that he wanted to sleep even after I woke him up by calling him...but hey what are ya going to do. He acts exactly like a teenager, (but definetly not the kind of teenager I was) Kidding of course but it is kind of funny to see how teenagers think now after being one.  We are thinking about pushing back his date but we have to talk about that more. He really likes Elder Keil alot. I think Elder Keil has been the biggest influence for good to him.
Studys this week have been alot focused on district meeting. Specificly on enduring to the end. I thought and studied alot about the difference between waiting and enduring. I think they are two different things, waiting is just kind of going with the flow, letting the things around you change, and enduring is like holding fast, kind of building your stronghold and not letting the world's "bombs" get to you. Im planning on spliting up enduring into a couple of different sections and helping the missionaries not to wait but to endure.
My miracle for this week was this weekend we got to go and help a member move. Elder Keil and I were the only ones who went because he was very adament that they only needed 2 people. We had the chance to talk to the member, who is the first councelor in our bishopbric and some of his work friends who are not members. We didnt talk alot about the church, but we did get to show those friends what missionary work and our church was all about. We also got to build alot better of a relationships with the member family. It was good to do a service project like that again. I have learned to love helping people move...which I guess will be good for being in an Elders quorum down the line.
This next week is transfer calls and i am on the chopping block, pretty close to the knife. I think our district is going to get exploded this transfer. Everyone has been here for at least 2 transfers alot for 4 and one for 6. exploding is gonna happen.
LOVE YA!!!!!
 LOVE YA LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOTTA GO!!!!! hey going to the DMZ next week on Tuesday!!!!!!! North Korea here i come. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Elder Diede
here is flavor fried potatoes on a stick
and the rice fields.

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