Sunday, October 12, 2014

Staying PUT

Hello !
Transfers: I am staying, Elder Keil is staying and we are picking up Elder Savas from my MTC group. Threesome!!! super hard but fun. One cool thing too. i am staying with Sister Kim who i served with 2 transfers in Wonju and 5 now in Geumchon I will be with her for about a year. Sad thing Elder Lanford is leaving. I cried about that one. I love Elder Lanford, but its ok we already made plans to go hiking anf fishing together.
To be honest I was really surprised with transfer calls this week. I never thought that I would be in a threesome, but i am super excited to be in one now and to experience new things. I am super excited to be with Elder Savas, because I do not know him very well even though we came to Korea together.

So kind of some sad news. Our investigator with a baptisimal date punked his appointment and wouldn't answer our calls all week. So he did not get the chance to come to general conference or meet and talk about the gospel this week. but on the better side of things I talked with him for a while on the phone last night and we have an appointment to meet him today. Elder Keil and I have talked and have decided to move his baptisimal date back further. We are planning on talking a little bit more on church and why it is important along with a few other things.
We did not get the chance to meet with any other investigators or find new ones. All of the investigators were either busy or never picked up the phone.

For studying this week I thought alot and prepared for general conference, which was great by the way. I cant wait to read alot of the talks when they come out. One of the themes that really stood out to me in conference is taking responsibility for your actions and consequeces and not blaming others or your situations. That plus alot more gave me alot more to think about over the next couple of months, and ways to improve. One thing I have learned to love about conference is it pokes at you and tells you exactly what you need to do to improve, how to change and so forth. That is something really cool to me. 

One miracle for me this week was on sunday I was able to make way better relationships with alot of the ward members by telling fun stories from missionary work, trying really hard to serve all members and doing the dishes after we had lunch. Everyone including me was just more happy!!
My friend Jang Chul Jin came to Conference good
to see him again!!!
Love ya!!! go to the DMZ tommorow!!!!!
Elder Diede

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