Sunday, September 21, 2014

Refining Silver

Dear Family,

This week was a pretty good week.

I dont really have anything in specific to report this week. We did not get the chance to meet with any of our investigators this week. We had appointments with all of them but they all fell through. Kind of frustrating but you cant really change peoples agency. We will continue to  work with them and try and meet with them, all while trying to find new investigators.
This week for studies I was thinking alot about district meeting and what I can share to everyone.  I was thinking alot about how I can help improve prayers. I thought about a specific "gospel gem" that I had heard in Sunday school one time about the process of refining silver. How it keeps going into a hotter fire until the person refining the silver can see his reflection in the silver. Elder Keil and I have been talking alot about suffering and how we need to love our sufferings. ( Elder Keil Loves to suffer and he has taught me alot about being grateful for your trials and stress.) So I will share that in District meeting this week. I also thought alot about gratitude, especially in prayers. It made me think of a family thing we did, saying as many grateful things as your age in our family prayers.( when my dad prayed we were there for a while) but I have set some goals to be more grateful this week!
We had Stake conference this week and a 70 and area 70 came. next week the area 70 will come to our ward. i talked to him and the 70 and president for like 5 minutes. Cool to talk to all that power at once.

 Straight from my letter to President.

My miracle this week was my family, especially my little brother. I made a deal with them that I would not think about sports at all for 2 week, I would go on a sports fast and they would pray and fast for me. I have felt the love and the power from that. I Love them so much for it.

Elder Keil and Diede

Elder Diede  and Sister Kim

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