Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sqatting for 20 Minutes

Korean Ward Anniversary  See Link

Well this was a pretty fun but normal week of missionary work.  We got to meet with two of our investigators this week. First off we met with our 19 year old investigator and just kind of had a do or die lesson with him. At first he was just being silly and asking funny questions and making inappropriate jokes. Then the situation kind of changed and he started asking real sincere questions mostly about how he can get answers to his prayers. It ended with a good feeling and him recognizing the Spirit and all three of us getting on our knees and praying together with him offering the prayer. It was a pretty good lesson and I was glad we could meet with him. We decided we want to meet him more, but his problem is he punks appointments a lot. So right now we plan to meet him more, but the ball is in his court if he shows up or not.

The other Investigator we taught was our pilot investigator who was a referral from the South Mission. His lesson was a little bit harder because he is more interested in learning English, but still has gospel interest. We planned on teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but the lesson kind of went every which way and that was our fault for not controlling it and taking it the way we wanted more. We did set up the next meeting with him in a way that it will be easy to talk about the things we want to with him. He kept his commitment and read the Book of Mormon so he is now progressing. We will be meeting him hopefully twice a week but probably once a week.
This week I was doing some study for district meeting on Revelation through Prayer. I am going to use the questions President Christensen asked us at mission conference, why, when, where,what and how do we Pray, as a base for my training. I studied the book of Enos multiple times, found a few scriptures in Psalms to share and studied the prayer we all know most of all, Joseph Smith's prayer. Also Elder Whitehead and I both had the feeling that we both needed to talk about "Being One" This feeling was confirmed when our ward mission leader talked to Elder Whitehead and I in Missionary coordination meeting about the same thing. I will talk to my district about having unity with everyone your companion, district, ward and of course the Lord. I had a really good set of personal studies this week.

My miracle this week was this last Thursday. Elder Keil and I just had a blast together that day. We talked to many many fun and willing to talk people Including an man who loved Elder Keil because he was from New Zealand, and older lady who thought we were super funny because we spoke Korean and a man we taught a lesson to squatting down for 20 minutes(i stayed down for all 20 minutes but Elder Keil got up and had to stretch 3 times). Everything seemed to go right that day.We were both on cloud 9 not just regular happy. It made us come closer as companions. I love that day  a lot.
Love you lots!!!!!!
Elder Miles Diede
Challenge accepted. 2 week sports fast 시작!!!

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