Sunday, November 10, 2013

What is he eating???

Silk worm larva...had to eatit.......actually not bad. look up bundagee or korean silk worms. They tasted like crunchy bugs....but they were like soggy kinda and gross but and ok flavor. Texture is awful.
A member from sanggye look on facebook for friend request
Women parking only..........
our view from the 18th floor

Well where to start. My life is always moving. I guess that is normal for missionaries, but I think especially for me. Imemailing you from 원주, Wonju. I am in the biggest city in the countryside of Korea. In Order to get out here I took a 30 minute subway ride followed by a 2 hour bus ride. Before that story lets finish up the last days in 상계,
For Pday we had a mission wide soccer game. I got to talk with all of my old Zone buddies and Elder Franchina. It was fun to get out and run again on my knee. it is doing alot better. It still a little sore but its all good. Then we went to a bathhouse with a couple of Elders. It was a fun day.
Then the next day we got to go to the temple, I love going to the temple it is the best! The Seoul Temple is just beautiful. I also picked up your package and a package I got from aunt Emalee. Thanks for the candy, the 3musketeers and Fast Breaks are the best. I love how they were mummy wraped it was funny. Tell Aunt Emalee thanks for the Kit Kat bar too. I love President Hinkley's quote too....Lose yourself and go to work!
Then transfer calls....i got transfered. So I shipped all of my stuff out to the country. So now about my new companion. His name is Elder Batschi pronnounced Batchee. He is one of the only 2 missionaries taller than me. He is from Washington likes snowboarding and is just a fun guy. We scare people walking down the street.  We went into the MTC at the same time, so we both kinda dont know Korean. We are opening up a new area together so we have no Investigators and a pretty much empty area book, but it is going to be fun to find people.
It is SOOOOO COLD HERE!!!!! Im out in the boonies so its so much colder, but I do get to see it snow on the ocean maybe. It is a fun area not to many people who are intrested so far but I will be a fun place I live with Elder Smith and Elder Murdock,(Hayden.Mitch Murdocks Cousin ask him about it) They are both fun people Elder Smith has been in this area for 7 transfers so he know what he is doing.
There is a bracnch with about 20 active members here so its fun and we get to do lots of less active work!
Today is pepero day here in korea I will lwt you research more about that! That it!! Love Ya!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

 NEW AREA  Right in the center of  Korea.  Wonju, Korea

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