Sunday, November 2, 2014

Investigators Doing Well

Happy Halloween

Water balloon fight with Elders

This week has been a solid week. A stressful but solid week.

We met with two of our investigators this week twice.  First our high school aged investigator met with us on Tuesday, came to our Halloween Party on Saturday and came to church on sunday. On Tuesday we watched the Restoration video with him to kind of review. He payed attention really well. After the video was over we talked a little bit more with him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. He realized that he needs to read the Book of Mormon more and he said thet that lesson was different. He said it was more serious and he felt it. He came to our Halloween party and had a good time with the members. He even brought a friend to the party and they did a game in front of alot of the ward members. On sunday I woke him up for church and we went and met him at his house. He came had a good time.( he told every ward member who talked to him that I woke him up) We taught him the rest of the commandments after church. He is getting ready for baptism and is still planning on the 15th. The bishop interviewed him as well, I dont know what for, but he did. he is doing well, we are going to meet his parents and go to his house this week.

Our other investigator we met with on Tuesday and on Sunday. We taught him the full restoration throughout the two lessons. We did alot more HTBT with him because we didn't know if he knew our purpose as missionaries. he kept calling us pastors and saying he wants to help us start our own churches. He read the  introduction page and thinks the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smiths experience could be true so he his doing well. No big concerns with him.

I studied for my investigators this week and read in the Book of Mormon and the New Testament. There wasn't really anything special about my study this week...except that Corianimur was kind of dumb for not repenting and letting every single one of his people be destroyed...

My miracle this week was getting to meet two investigators twice this week I have never had that happen to me before on my mission...super cool.

I went on an exchange with Elder 구 this week. We had a good time talking about things I wanted help with. We talked alot with being satisfied with peoples work when you know they can do better. We had a good talk and a good rest of the exchange.
LOVE THE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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