Sunday, November 16, 2014

Good Investigator week!

This week has been a pretty good week for me. Nothing super special happened.

I have some good news. We talked with our high school aged investigator and he said he could persuade his mother to let him get baptized. Well long story short this last Friday we talked with his mom and got permission for him to be baptized.  It has been announced in church. we have arranged for everything to make the service go well and he will be baptized this sunday. Im super happy that this has happened!  hopefully some good pictures next week:)

James our other investigator came to the baptisimal service we had this past week for the sisters investigator. He really liked the service and is excited for his baptism on the 13th of December. The only problem is he wont come to church unless it is with his family so at the moment he cannot come to church. Also im not exactly sure if he knows exactly what all baptism entails. We will talk with him about that next week.

We also have another investigator who is progressing and is continuing to meet with us. He is 20 years old and wants to become a firefighter in America or a cop in Korea.  He likes learning English alot, but he does have alot of interest in the Gospel. We taught him the entire first lesson and has accepted it pretty well. He has started to read the Book of mormon and has read a couple pages into 1st Nephi and is continuing to read. He is doing good!

For studies this week I thought alot about how we can help our investigators recognize the Spirit in their lives. I have thought about how they cant just sit there and wait to feel it, they have to put in the work. So I will talk about that in District meeting a little bit. I am super excited for it.

My miracle this week is that both of our investigators with a baptisimal date came to the baptism that we had this weekend. They both liked the service and are both excited to be baptized. It is really exciting to see that success in our area. It makes missionary work even more fun. The only problem is Transfer calls are this week and I am almost for certain leaving 1 because ive been here for 5 transfers and 2 because im in a threesome. so.,....that kinda sucks.. 
LOve it to Death!!! Tell the Grandparents Hi, keep on keepin on!! Love ya!!!!
Elder Miles Diede

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