Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 14 ,2013

Seriously letters are a huge pick me up. After gym time we have about 40 mins of prep but I shower and get ready in 10 so I have 30 mins to write. So that's not a huge problem. That sucks for Tim, but the poem is great. I just printed it out. Keep me posted where he is going. 
Yesterday was the best day here by far everything seemed to click and work perfectly together. My companion who I always have to drag out of bed and he always makes us late got up. In personal study I kept busy finding scriptures that I needed. and the Korean was flowing from my mouth and I was understanding the teachings. It was an awesome day. I hope you like the cultural tidbits in my letter I will keep you posted with more. Apparently my address was a mistake to begin with so Yes I'm leaving JUL 29. The older set of Korean missionaries are leaving Monday at 230 am, then we get a new batch of elders and sisters. It amazes me how we were in there place and no longer be the worst Korean speakers. I figured out the pic situation so this should be the last multi email pictures.( I had to turn the size down on my camera) 
One cultural tidbit before I go then pics. In Korea there is no such thing as door to door it is all street contacts. its kinda cool. Bro. Sung said that in Seoul you will not be able to feel the sidewalk because of how many people are walking along the streets. 
Have you heard anything about that big devotional in the Marriott Center with all of the apostles. there are a lot of weird rumors going around here.Elder Arnold from the quorum of the seventy gave a great talk about our purpose and how we can become better missionaries.  It reminded me of something Grandmas Franson said, "with all these pryers how can you fail."  One thing that stuck out to me too was a scripture.  Exodus 4: 10-12.  Telling that we are all different and that we all work at our own pace.  It was also amazing to look back and see the MASSIVE amounts of missionaries coming to and from the Marriott center.  I know I am here for a reason.  Language is hard but I can do it.  
 In your last letter you said I should sing. That made me laugh so hard, because I went to choir and I couldn't do it. They sang so weird so I go on splits with Elder Luke while our companions go to choir as we study.  We just could not keep up with it, so we have our own fun. I will write more soon with more cultural stuff and more Korean words maybe. Gavin I will hunt you down if I don't hear more about the finals. You failed to tell me about a certain 36 point spurs win.;)

Love Elder Diede
 Elder Harris LOVE HIM plays bball and is hilarious helped me a lot when I was down on myself.

 Me with a Frampton photo bomb. also with the Asian photo pose that is a real thing
 Hard at work Language study time left to right Elders Pickard, Frampton, Redd, Luke, Stapley

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