Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Last Letter Home

Hey for those of you that can come, just to let you know my farewell is on the 24th at 9:00 at the chapel on Dalton Drive in Springville, Utah. for those of you still on missions my email at home will be kilometers5@gmail.com. Love you all!!!

I have been reflecting a lot on these last two years of my life and what they mean to me.

These last two years of my life have been one of the hardest, tiring, stressful years of my life, but I wouldn't change them for the world. I never never sweat, bled or cried so much in my life, but every drop was worth it. I have lost weight, precious time and even some of my English, but all in order to find something else. Something better. My mission has changed my life. 

First off Korea. I will never be able to look at the Korean flag without thinking of my wonderful time here. At first it was hard learning a difficult language, adjusting to such a different culture and becoming a missionary. I'm not gonna lie it was hard. but going through that has made me a way better person, and into the person that I needed to become. I love this country, culture, food, language and people. Korea has a sacred place in my heart. I will never forget Korea and the relationships I have made here.

But the biggest thing that happened on my mission was I was able to find my Savior. Through all of the scripture study, prayers,experiences and promptings I have come to know more of who Jesus Christ is. I know my Savior lives that he loves me and everyone else with an indescribable love. He suffered and died for all of our sins and made it possible that we can all be resurrected and return back to our Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father loves us and because He does he gave us the Book Of Mormon and Modern day prophets to guide us. That book has given me so much help in the hard times and joy in the good times. I know it is a true book of God and we can get closer to God by reading that book. I know that this church is true. I have no doubt about that. I love my Savior and Redeemer. I Love this work and this church with all my heart and I was glad to be able to serve a mission. I wouldn't have done it any other way.  

Love you all!!

Elder Miles Diede

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