Friday, May 31, 2013

First email home

For future reference don't send me an email through your i pad I have to sort through so much stuff to find the letter it just makes it so much easier. I wrote a letter this morning telling you some stuff.  My companion is Elder Redd you can read about him in my letter.  The first day we got our name tags dropped off our luggage and went straight to class where I heard nothing but Korean for 3 hours. We then had a couple of meetings met the MTC president dinner then a Zone meeting we are one of the largest zones in the entire MTC.  It is great the spirit here is so amazing. My P days are on Fridays obviously so I will write you and everything then.  Please tell someone to get on Facebook and tell them I can do email, regular letters or, it is one of the funnest things when you have mail. My ZL(I have 3) are Elder Allen, Elder Kahn(from New Zealand) and Elder Nemelka(I knew him from high school).  We played basketball yesterday and it was way fun I was on a team with Australian and from Texas Elders both going to Korea. We are going to play district volleyball soon and it will be a perfect 6 on 6.  The classes here are very long but great! The Spirit exists everywhere.  I am the Sr. Companion, so I'm the leader.  I tell you more about this in my letter but I am planning new stuff for our companionship to help us. 
We have to teach a lesson today to an investigator without the help of English. It is sooooo hard! I have everything written out.  My goal this week is to get the alphabet down and memorized.  It is starting to come a little bit. We were taught sentence structuring and conjugation and I was the first one to get it and explain it to others. I'm not gonna lie I feel like I'm in over my head.
It is the strangest experience to look down and see my name on the name tag. It is wonderful here and I love it!  I am at a computer where there is nothing for my camera so hopefully pictures next week, I don't take many pics.  Keep the letters and packages coming strong! Send me food that I can keep in my room plus more soda like Dr pepper and mtn dew(that was a great idea keep it coming)(also don't forget creamery brownies.. I desire those!) also VERY important! send me the Diedes address. I need it to write Austin and everyone back. also one more request. Shayna get on Facebook start a message with Elizabeth Davidson, Valerie Ostvig, Riley Carter, Lydia Theobold, Alex Boswell, and Mark Neumiller and ask them for their emails... better yet tell them to email me or send me letters it is so awesome.
Well I got to go I have to go pick up my laundry and get to lunch!
Comsamnida and Sarangha!
Elder Miles

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